Web Support - Help Using InRelief.org

InRelief.org is the public start page for InRelief.  Use the left navigation menu on the start page to get public information on disaster response current events. 

Request a login if you need an InRelief account. InRelief.org uses a private domain from Google, so all of the features of InRelief are based on Google's commercial tools. 

Once you have and InRelief account, you can use email, chat and create sites, as well as use calendars, online docs, videos, and contacts in a secure private place with 25 GBs storgae.  When you log in, use the navigation on the top left to access the features of InRelief.

Use the links below to read and search through help documentation for each feature of InRelief.

"Getting Started" Videos

Google Apps Overview Using Mail/Chat Using Calendar Using Docs Using Sites Using Groups Using Contacts

iGoogle Help
Personalizing your start page - Adding and removing content

Email and Chat Help
Emailing and chatting with InRelief users and users outside of InRelief.

Calendar Help
Creating calendars and events,
synchronizing and sharing calendars, and using notifications and calendars offline.

Apps (Documents) Help
Creating and sharing Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms.

Sites Help
Creating and sharing a Google site.

Video Help
Uploading, viewing and sharing videos

Groups Help

Creating, using and managing groups for distribution, collaboration, and discussion.

Contacts Help
Managing Contacts.

Gadgets API
Designing and publishing gadgets to integrate other information and applications into InRelief.org. 

For additional support, please use our discussion forum.  To post a question, email ask@inrelief.org