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About InRelief.org

InRelief.org’s mission is to increase the velocity of the response during Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) events by connecting military/civilian organizations, disseminating data freely over the internet, and providing the collaborative tools to expedite the sharing of critical information.

Connecting Organizations
By utilizing technical and social networks, we connect organizations before, during, and after catastrophic events. 
Disseminating Data
We aggregate data from the State Department and other agencies, United Nations (UN) and member organizations, Department of Defense (DoD), and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) to present vital information via innovative Web services.
Collaborative Tools
We facilitate the coordination and sharing of information critical to accomplishing missions through customized and collaborative cloud-computing solutions.
Geospatial Imaging
We facilitate the gathering of imagery and Geographic Information System (GIS) data via high-bandwidth connections, processing information into multiple formats and delivering output via web services, including low-bandwidth delivery into disaster areas.

InRelief is a US Navy effort that is managed by San Diego State University (Registered NGO) to promote better interactions and results when disasters strike. InRelief is a based primarily on Google technologies. However, we at InRelief want to provide the best environments to share information, so please do not hesitate to make recommendations regarding a variety of technologies or processes. We humbly ask you to try InRelief; it is a safe, free, and secure environment to collaborate with all. Licenses are not required to view information, however, if you would like a license for the site so you may build your own site within InRelief, just ask. The managers of InRelief only need proof that you are a member of an NGO, IO, government agency or military (foreign or domestic). You do not have to work with organizations within InRelief, only ensure that appropriate data your organization wishes to share is publically available. InRelief is a wholly owned enterprise that is managed by San Diego State University. Google does not monitor nor does it have administrative access to InRelief.org. 

Assurance: You can be assured of the purpose of InRelief, is widespread information sharing in a safe, secure, and low barrier to entry environment that works in the field as well as in the office.